Mentors are welcomed from anywhere in our community who can provide guidance and mentoring to our rangatahi. They don’t need to have building experience, but they do need to be able to relate to and gain rapport with our rangatahi; having a sense of humour is always an added bonus.

All mentors go through an intense police check and programme induction to ensure that our rangatahi are not at any risk.

We partner with retirement villages, like Jean Sandal, who provide us with mentors. This is a fabulous opportunity, for not only our rangatahi but also our elders who have a lifetime of skills and experience to offer back to the community.

Futon Hogan generously provide their staff to work alongside rangatahi. Whānau of rangatahi, tradesmen and other community members generously volunteer their time to give back to young people. But whoever they are and from wherever they have come from, we are eternally grateful to our mentors for their time and expertise to help with our rangatahi.

Special thanks go to Jean Sandel Retirement Village, Futon Hogan, Inglewood and Waitara Rotary Clubs and Inglewood Lions who see the potential in our programmes and help to provide mentors.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor,

please email for more information.