It is very important to us that we, as a community project, do our part in ecological restoration. In Taranaki, there is a big push to remove stoats, ferrets, weasels and rats that are significant predators to our native bird populations.

A project between Taranaki Mounga and Department of Conservation, is involved in setting traps around areas in Taranaki targeted by these pests. Taranaki Mounga have invited us to build traps as a way for our rangatahi to be hands on involved in the removal of these predators. Since 2019, our partnering schools are delivering two programmes per year; we encourage rangatahi to build two traps per programme with close to 100 built per year.

Recent successes have seen young participant leaders initiating trapping programmes at their own schools. This has been a significant highlight for New Horizons Aotearoa due to this new sense of pride and confidence in young people participating in larger community initiatives.

We are humbled to have been acknowledged recently by Waitara Taiao for planting the seed for their amazing community project.